2002 Wood Technology Show - Portland, Oregon

Here are a few candid shots of our booth at the Wood Technology  Show in Portland, Oregon on March 20-22, 2002.


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Greg Richardson (r) of Munnell & Sherrill points out the many features of Armstrong’s CNC VariSharp band saw sharpener to (from left to right) Tom Dooley of Munnell & Sherrill and Armstrong saw filer consultants Ron Turner and Jim Reid. The safety hood on the VariSharp also fits conventional No. 4 Armstrong band saw sharpeners. All No. 4 Armstrong band saw sharpeners made since 1954 can be converted to CNC VariSharp operation.

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Armstrong’s brand new Super Duty Band Saw Leveler is ideal for larger band saws or saws with extra tension. It is available as a new machine or an upgrade for earlier Armstrong band saw Levelers. The 42" diameter steel wheels apply 2,000 lbs. of pressure to control even the biggest saws for faster and more accurate leveling.

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Design engineer Mike Van Hoomissen and sales manager Terry Blessing inspect Armstrong CNC Topper/Facer prior to the opening of WoodTech 2002. Also in Armstrong’s booth was the automatic circle saw Leveler and a PC with printer and monitor for designing band saw teeth with the new VariDesign software.

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