AutoSwage Automatic Band Saw Swage and Shaper

  VariSharp CNC Band Saw Sharpener
VariDesign Deluxe Software - FREE Download
CNC Wheel Dresser
  SideWinder Installation Tool (7Meg Video)
Super Duty Band Saw Leveler
Automatic Band Saw Leveler
ShapeUp Grinding Wheel Dresser
Safety Hoods for Band Saw Sharpeners
Arbor Alignment System
Poly-V Belt Grinding Wheel Drive System
Automatic Band Saw Leveler
No. 85 AUTOTIP Cobalt Chromium Alloy Tipping Machine
Barnhart Band Wheel Grinders
Conventional Band Saw Sharpeners

Band Saw Equipment Selector
Swage Selector
Shaper Selector
Standard Band Saw Tooth Shapes
Variable Pitch and Depth Tooth Shapes
Rebuilding & Upgrading Band Saw Sharpeners
Stretcher Rolls, Benches, Back Gauges
Tension Gauge Grinder

Illustrated Parts Lists for Band Saw Equipment

No. 2 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 4 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 6 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 4-5-6 Movable Stretcher Rolls

Hand Swages

No. 5, 6, 7, and 18 Air Swages

No. 51 & 51L Barnhart Grinders

No. 5500/ 5700 Shapers

No. 6900-B Shaper

No. 6900-BA Air Shaper

Troubleshooting Guides

Band Saw Sharpeners



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