Automatic Circle Saw Leveler

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Armstrong's automatic circle saw Leveler is ideal for the 16" to 32" (400mm to 815mm) diameter splined arbor saws widely used in guided rotary gangs
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     Leveling circle saws has never been easier or more accurate.   Armstrong's new automatic circle saw Leveler is an accurate and high capacity machine with unique features that make it especially easy to use.  It is just what filers need to keep up with the requirements of today's splined arbor guided edgers.

Double-acting leveling rolls center the saw

The saw is clamped between a pair of three-piece leveling rolls which automatically center the saw and level in both directions on every pass.

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Built Armstrong tough for years of service

Armstrong has been serving the needs of filers since 1902 and continues to deliver new and innovative equipment to increase productivity and quality.

The Armstrong Circle Saw Leveler Features:
  1. Vertical design eliminates the effects of gravity and makes the machine much easier and safer to load.
  2. Color touch screen makes it especially easy to learn and operate the Armstrong Leveler.  The screen display continually reports the saw's condition during the leveling process so the operator immediately knows if an additional pass is needed.
  3. Never needs "tramming" (the troublesome realignment of the machine to saw that operators of other machines must frequently make) because the sensor moves with the four carbide rails that stabilize the saw to a perfectly flat plane.
  4. Operators can choose from two leveling modes by pressing one button on the touch screen.  Most saws can be leveled in the standard mode that makes two passes over the entire saw plate.  A 22" (550mm) saw can be leveled in less than 8 minutes in this mode.  More severely out-of-level saws are "mapped" first, so the biggest lumps are pre-leveled before automatically proceeding to make the two "standard mode" leveling passes.
  5. Saws "float" on the centering mandrel, just as they do on splined saw arbors, so the eye does not distort the flatness of the saw plate. The Armstrong Leveler works to within 3/4" (20 mm) of the O.D. of the eye.
  6. The Armstrong Leveler "remembers" how the head filer wants the saw to be leveled and stores up to six different saw type settings to minimize set-up and reduce operator time.  More saws can be leveled each shift.
  7. A non-contact sensor and superior saw stabilizing system allows the saw plate to be mapped and leveled simultaneously.  The Armstrong Leveler works faster than machines that must first rotate every saw 360 degrees - or more - before leveling can take place.  Simultaneous mapping and leveling allows the Armstrong Leveler to get more work done each hour.

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The vertical configuration makes saws easy to load, while carbide rails and three piece "transformer" rolls keep them stabilized.  With this configuration, leveling and mapping can take place simultaneously and a 22" diameter saw can be completely mapped and leveled in less than 8 minutes.

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The color touch screen makes it easy to operate the Leveler and reports the saws' condition before and during leveling.   The operator always knows exactly how many passes are needed.  The leveling parameters for up to six different saw types are stored so every saw can be leveled to the head filer's specifications.
Capacity: For saws 14" - 32" (350mm - 800mm) in diameter and saw plates up to .120 (3mm) thick
Power/Air Requirements: 110 volts/1 phase/60 Hertz Transformer supplied for operation at 240/1/50
2 cubic/feet (5.6 liters/minute) of air per minute at 80 PSI (5.4 bars)
Shipping Weight: 2000 lbs.
Floor Space: 84" (2110mm) wide X 38" (96mm) deep
NOTE: Capacities subject to current design specifications at time of shipment.

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